Auspuffsystem, 96-02 Viper GTS

Auspuffsystem, 96-02 Viper GTS
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Exhaust System Kit; Stainless Steel; Cat-Back System; With Mufflers; 3 Inch Pipe Diameter; Dual... mehr


"Auspuffsystem, 96-02 Viper GTS"
Exhaust System Kit; Stainless Steel; Cat-Back System; With Mufflers; 3 Inch Pipe Diameter; Dual Exhaust With Dual Exit; Rear Exit; 4-1/2 Inch Rolled Edge Elliptical Stainless Steel Tip

Fits: Viper RT/10 1997-02 and Viper GTS 1996-02

Designed by Billy Boat the Legendary Indy 500 Racer and his company B & B.
Known throughout the Viper community as the best performance exhaust systems you can buy for the Dodge Viper.

Same cat-back system as part # 0122(see below), but is designed to fit directly to all B&B brand headers without any other parts necessary. Does not include catalytic converters. Pipes are straight between header outlet and muffler inlet. Features a true X pipe, which provides an aggressive, rich rumble at idle and outstanding full throttle tone.
4.50″ Slant Cut Elliptical Tips.

Deletes factory cats.

It is 100 % Stainless steel system.

Add more venom to your Dodge Viper SRT-10 with a performance exhaust system from Billy Boat Performance Exhaust offering unparalleled performance, sound and style. The B&B header back exhaust system for the Dodge Viper SRT-10 id history in the making! Mandrel bent and completely TIG welded this 3 Inch stainless steel system offers remarkable performance and torque gains throughout the entire RPM range. Available with or without high flow metal catalytic converters, both systems include rear crossover pipe and fully polished side exiting tips. Complete with high quality hand craftsmanship and backed by a limited lifetime warranty Billy Boat Performance Exhaust offers ″ A moment of adrenaline and a lifetime of performance!″ for both header back systems for the Dodge Viper SRT-10.

Diameter (IN): 3 Inch
Exit Position: Rear Exit
Exhaust Type: Dual
Includes Muffler: Yes
Muffler Brand: Billy Boat
Material: Stainless Steel
Outlet Type: Dual
Exhaust Tip Type: Rolled Edge Elliptical
Includes Exhaust Tip: Yes
Exhaust Tip Size (IN): 4-1/2 Inch
Exhaust Tip Material: Stainless Steel
Muffler Quantity: 2
Muffler Configuration: Single Inlet And Single Outlet
Includes Hardware: Yes
Required Welding: No
Sound Level: Deep Rich

Package Length: N/A
Package Width: N/A
Package Height: N/A
Package Girth: N/A
Package Length + Girth: N/A
Package Weight: N/A
Package Fedexable: YES


3 Inch Stainless Steel System Offers Remarkable Performance And Torque Gains Throughout The Entire RPM Range
Mandrel Bent And Completely TIG Welded
Available With Or Without High Flow Metal Catalytic Converters
Both Systems Include Rear Crossover Pipe And Fully Polished Side Exiting Tips
Limited Lifetime Warranty

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"Auspuffsystem, 96-02 Viper GTS"
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