Hydraulische Kupplung- Umbauset, Mopar

Hydraulische Kupplung- Umbauset, Mopar
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  • Silver Sport Transmission
  • CAM-H0E0TK0
Zum Umbau auf hydraulische Kupplungsbetätigung, Komplettes Kit Hydraulic Kit fo mopar... mehr


"Hydraulische Kupplung- Umbauset, Mopar"
Zum Umbau auf hydraulische Kupplungsbetätigung, Komplettes Kit

Hydraulic Kit fo mopar E-Body with Tremec TKO, incl. Master Cyl. Hydraulic Release Bearing, Reservior Assembly, Fluid Lines, Fitting Kits, Intructions
Hydraulische Kupplung

We have developed a high quality, durable, hydraulic clutch actuator system to replace the original mechanical linkage system. The system is a high performance design, based on modern concentric slave cylinder technology - also known as a hydraulic throw-out or release bearing - which is used in current production vehicles.

It eliminates the clutch fork, Z-bar, pushrods, and all the related bracketry and hardware. The Hydraulic Clutch Actuator System offers many benefits, including:

* Smooth pedal effort due to in-line motion of bearing along axis of travel, and low mechanical loss caused by friction of moving parts. You can actuate our 650HP clutch plate with one hand!
* Dramatic simplification and reduction in moving wear items
* Less maintenance and lower operating cost
* Bolt-on, easy installation compared to mechanical system, making automatic conversions far easier.
* Dramatically more clearance for headers

The system includes the following items:

1. Race Duty Master Cylinder - Long life piston with dust boot, high volume ports, adjustable knuckle ball joint, premium mounting hardware, installation instructions for entire kit.
2. Race Duty Hydraulic Release Bearing - Heavy-duty 300,00-mile expected life bearing for use with all diaphragm-style clutches. Low-maintenance, self-adjusting, and self-aligning.
3. Keisler-exclusive Bleedable Line - Brand new line features easy bearing connection and innovative quick-bleed fitting.
4. Keisler-exclusive Billet Aluminum Firewall Mount - Easily installs over original clutch rod hole and provides correct pedal-to-pushrod geometry.
5. Premium Leak-Free Clutch Fluid Reservoir Bottle with Diaphragm and Cap, Tubing and Clamps.
6. All brackets, hose, clamps and gaskets for a clean and easy installation.

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"Hydraulische Kupplung- Umbauset, Mopar"
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